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Buy It, Borrow It, or Bag It: Killers in the Family by Robert L. Snow

killers      This is not the kind of book I would ordinarily read. I’m not a true-crime kind of girl and and I especially avoid any book that has the ability to give me nightmares for the next three weeks. However, this one was different. This book was finally going to answer exactly what happened to a 13-year-old Indianapolis girl who was found murdered in the spring of 1986.

I still remember the day that the story broke. I was in 8th grade and was the same age as the deceased. I remember walking into school and being told about the death from some kids who had played softball with the girl at the local little league park. I didn’t know her but I did know the family suspected of the murder. In fact, a few of them had been my classmates.

Now, I willingly admit that at the time, I found the whole thing a little impossible to believe. Could the members of this particular family actually be guilty of murder? Yes, they had a bad reputation. Yes, they were a little strange. Yes, I had heard the rumors…but I wasn’t willing to convict without proof.

Unfortunately the police had the same problem. Despite having an assortment of evidence that pointed to this family, it was considered to be “circumstantial.” DNA testing was not available back then and the case eventually went cold. It was not brought back into the spotlight until 2008, when one of the family members was involved in a series of murders as well as the shooting of a police officer. After more than 20 years, technology advanced to the point that now blood samples could now be positively identified beyond “type” and the responsible person could be brought to trial.

Robert Snow did a great job reporting on the crimes that occurred two decades apart and how the 2008 incident ultimately led to solving the 1986 cold case. There was a little too much courtroom testimony for my taste and I would have liked to have seen more background on the family itself, but in a way I wasn’t surprised. Many people who knew them, even peripherally, do not like to talk about them. As I mentioned…this is not the type of book that I would ordinarily read, but due to the fact that I knew the case and some of the people involved…needless to say for me, it was a page turner. If you are from the Indy area, remember the case or are a fan of true crime, this book has it all and you should Buy It, but if not, it’s best to pass it by.



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