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Tingle Tuesday: Complete Idiot’s Guide to ASMR can be pre-ordered on Amazon NOW!

I’m telling you…it pays to Google yourself every once in a while! You never know what you may find. Today, I was looking to update my author page over at Amazon and lo and behold I not only found out that my latest release, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Catholicism has three 5-Star reviews (from people I don’t know, even!) but I saw the pre-order page for The Complete Idiot’s Guide to ASMR! As promised it is coming May 5th and I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! No doubt we will be putting together a launch party here in Indianapolis for the book and I hope all of my Indiana tingle heads will join me for what is sure to be a fun gathering of minds! It is possible that I will be having some ASMR demonstrations at the event as well!

ASMR Cover OFFICIAL     So…here is the description as written on the preview page: ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it’s a relaxed, tingling feeling that many people report having as a response to particular stimuli, such as close personal attention, tapping, or whispering. Although its experiencers say they have been aware of the sensation all their lives, it has only recently come together as a public phenomenon thanks to YouTube, where ASMRtists now post thousands of videos that simulate the ASMR experience and help viewers fall asleep when no other remedies work. The ASMR community is generous and connected, and often viewers will become content producers themselves in an effort to give back to those who have helped them.

Pretty cool huh? I really like the cover as well. I was really partial to the swirly design because for me, the tingles do not feel like shocks but a warm fuzzy feeling that swirls around me and I like the fact that the swirls seem to start in the eye, based on what someone is watching and then move into the brain. I really hope you all like it as well!

So my question to you all is, if you could have a three-minute personal ASMR session, would you sign up for something visual like towel folding? Something audio-based such as whispering, tapping or scratching or something tactile such as hair brushing, a hand massage, makeup brushes on your face or a few rounds of the Alphabet Game?


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Tingle Tuesday: My top Five ASMRtists

Today, I thought I would talk a little about the top ASMRtists that trigger me. As most of you know, this is a very subjective thing and not a one-size-fits-all proposition. While I am sure most of these names will be familiar to a lot of my fellow ASMR experiencers…if you are just starting out in the world of ASMR…here are a few names to know! (For the record…these rankings are based on who I discovered first, second, third and so on and do not reflect a preference of one over another.)

WhisperSweetie    1. WhisperSweetie: WhisperSweetie’s “Hand Relaxation Number 2” was the first ASMR video I ever watched (and promptly fell asleep to.) It is only about 15 minutes long but it was enough to knock me out and I would probably be sleeping still if it were not for that music at the end! LOL I can still remember debating about watching it as I didn’t know what “Asmr” (read as a word and not an acronym) was. However…I suffer from terrible tendonitis and carpel tunnel so this video works like a tonic for me and her subsequent “Hands Relaxation Number 3” is the perfect length for a short cat nap!

Ilse     2. WaterWhispers Isle: Dear, sweet Ilse….my co-author and fellow journey woman on my latest literary adventure was the second ASMRtist whose screen name I could remember and whose videos I sought out. During one of our early phone calls (after she let me fan girl for a few minutes) I told her that I was addicted to the way she says “umm hmm.” (If you are familiar with her work, then you know what I am talking about.) She laughed and said she gets that a lot and this exchange totally broke the ice between the two of us. I had to laugh though the first time we were brainstorming some ideas for the book and I said, “Where did you find that?” to which she answered, “Let me look that up for you.” Now of course she said it in her “regular” voice…but again…if you know her videos you know how that sentence sounds and it was the biggest triple trip ever!

Violet    3. ViniVidiVulpes: Violet is my hometown ASMRtist. We are both from the Hoosier Heartland and although she is a bit of a mystery, I have dreams of running into her on the street. Violet’s videos are not as frequent as other ASMRtists, but she was the first one I found that had an hour long video that enabled me to get a really decent amount of sleep without watching the clock. Violet keeps her videos fairly simple, but her soft gaze, gentle smile and deliberate movements always make viewing them worth my time. I highly recommend her.

Heather    4. Heather Feather: Although I have been watching Heather for a looonnnng time (well in ASMR time, it would be considered a long time) I have to admit that I almost didn’t click on her videos because her big soulful eyes seemed so sad to me. That being said, I am sooooo glad I did! I have had the pleasure of watching Heather grow from a cat food-balancing camera operator into one of the Coppola’s of ASMR content creation. Heather has upped the ante for everyone and is constantly looking for ways to push the art form forward. I am proud to say that she and I have chatted in the past and she has been very complimentary of my work on this book. Definitely worth checking out. (Don’t let the costumes scare you off! LOL)

Olivia    5. Olivia Kisspers ASMR: Another dear acquaintance with whom I have had the pleasure of exchanging messages with. This woman’s hands are hypnotic and I dare you to stay awake for long! Olivia’s videos have come a long way in the past year and like a lot of ASMRtists, it’s interesting to see where someone begins and how their art evolves. Olivia has been a quick study and if you do manage to listen to a lot of her commentary on her videos, you will find that she has a very dark sense of humor at times. ha ha! Many of the long-time ASMRtists do and that’s great. They are constantly looking for ways to incorporate new ideas for old triggers and it is obvious that Olivia has a lot of fun with it.

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Tingle Tuesday: ASMR Book Cover Concepts

Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you some super exciting news about the upcoming ASMR book. Only a couple of people have seen these and nothing is official yet of course, but I wanted to show you some of the possible cover designs for the Complete Idiot’s Guide to ASMR. When I was asked what I would like to see on the cover, I offered a few thoughts and these were some of the ideas the cover team came up with. While I have no influence on which one will make the final cut, I am curious as to which ones my readers and fellow Tingle Heads  like best. I will also offer what I like about them and who knows…maybe your pick will wind up as the end result. Ready?

ASMR1. Because so many people describe the ASMR sensation as “sparks” or “shocks,” I like the idea of the cover representing something that looks a bit sparkly and something that reflects the neurotransmitters in our brains. Short, simple and to the point. It is also very similar to other ASMR illustrations I have seen which makes it fairly identifiable. What do you think? Do you like it?


ASMR12. One thing I really like about this one is the fact that it appears that the ASMR sensation extends beyond ones brain and it breaks up the solid background. I have to admit that this also reminds me of those little static electricity balls that we used to put our hands on and watch as the electrical currents “found” our fingertips. I also kind of like the connection to the brain and the added detail of the organ itself. Is this one your favorite?


ASMR23. The thing that I find awesome about this cover option is how different it looks from any other ASMR “illustration” I have ever seen. I like the added color and I especially like the way that the swirls almost originate in the eye which lends itself nicely to the idea that we watch these videos on YouTube. It implies the multi-sensory aspect of ASMR. What do you think of this one?


ASMR44. This is another fairly simple concept, but I really like the glowing brain and the way that they extend the illumination beyond the head. It’s not as colorful and I am a little worried that it doesn’t illustrate “what” ASMR is, but it does offer an image that is extremely eye-catching. Tell me, would you buy the book based on this cover?


I will be very curious to read what you have to say about these covers and which ones you like the best. Just remember that there is no guarantee ANY of them will be the final cover. (When I know what it is…I promise that I will announce it here first!) Until next time, keep calm and tingle on!


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Tingle Tuesday : ASMR Book Update

asmrDear Tingle Heads, Readers and Friends,

First of all,  yes, I know it is Thursday, but I haven’t posted for so long, I am in hopes that you will forgive me for not holding out for five more days.

I apologize for my absence in recent weeks, but I can assure you that I have been hard at work on the Complete Idiot’s Guide to ASMR. Deadline is fast approaching and it seems like there is still a lot to do. Still, it looks like it will be ready for a Spring 2015 release and I can tell you that Ilse Blansert (who is co-authoring the project) as well as Dr. Craig Richard at the ASMRUniversity are both very excited about the material I have compiled. Dr. Richard has even told me that he suspects this book will be the “ASMR Bible.” (His words, not mine)

So, what is going to be in this book? Well, I don’t want to give everything away of course, but I can assure you it is NOT going to be a book filled with tingle stories or speculative theory. From the time I first heard the term “ASMR” and throughout this entire project I have been driven by one, burning question: “Why doesn’t anyone know what this is?”

Right from the start this seemed impossible to me. Maybe it’s a lack of faith in myself that I could actually be on  the cutting edge of something “new,” but something didn’t feel right to me from the get go. How could the scientific community NOT know about this? When you stop and think about the number of people who experience ASMR and then make a good guess as to what percentage of those people have probably mentioned this tingly sensation to their doctor at some point in their lives, it only stands to reason that someone, somewhere knew something.

So I began tracking it in. There were a LOT of dead ends, but I didn’t stop. The more I read, the more convinced I became that the reason no one knows really anything about ASMR is because they aren’t looking past the surface. They hear about these “sleep whisperers” causing “tingle heads” to sack out by crinkling paper on YouTube and well, logically-if you don’t experience it-  it sounds a little weird. So…..I started breaking it down. I analyzed the videos. I talked to Dr. Richard about his Origin Theory (which, as he admits, may or may not be 100% correct but it’s a really good start!) I looked into sleep, brain wave states, stress, mirror neurons and relaxation techniques.I started finding new search terms that you won’t find in an article about the ASMR phenomenon (honestly, if they manage to get beyond Bob Ross and actually quote a non-skeptical neuroscientist, I’m impressed) I read about meditation, hypnosis, and biofeedback. I learned that there may be something significant about how old you are when you have that first ASMR experience. I learned about neuroacoustics, sensory learning styles, speed, frequency and oh yeah…I managed to even find specific, scientific references to ASMR-like tingles that are NEARLY 30 YEARS OLD!!!  (Believe me, I was hopping out of my chair when I found that!)

While I freely and without reservation admit that I am not a doctor, scientist or clinical researcher…I am the girl who will not stop until I can draw some good parallel lines between what is happening in our heads and what science knows about it. I don’t guarantee much in life, but I guarantee that this book will PROVE that the scientific community has had experience with ASMR even though they don’t know it. In some alternative treatment practices, as many as 15% of patients/clients have REPORTED to their doctor, therapist or other clinician ASMR-like symptoms and yet, it has been roundly ignored. (Chances are, if you asked those same professionals, “What is ASMR?” they may not have a clue as to what you are talking about.) It also occurred to me that since some of these treatments involve monitoring devices, then logically, we have data showing what is happening in the body when the ASMR sensation occurs.

SO, what is the answer to the question that has been driving me all this time? Well, the reason science appears not to know what ASMR is largely stems from the fact that they haven’t been paying attention. I also think that it will take a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to figure it out. At it’s core, the ASMR sensation relaxes people and makes folks want to go to sleep, however- I don’t think that we can simply subject a few people to an MRI and have all of the answers. If I have learned anything in writing this book, I have learned that ASMR may be “all in our heads” but it’s not just a “brain thing.” It is something that is tied to our growth and development, has implications regarding our senses, what we perceive, our ability to empathize, our emotions, and may have application in every
day life.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Until next time, keep rockin’ and tingle on,


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