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Fabulous Fridays: #52Lists Project

This week’s list involves listing those things that you treasure the most and to actively surround yourself with those things you love the most. For the most part, the things I treasure the most are with me at all times or on prominent display, so I guess I am ahead of the game there.52lists

  1. The Wonder Twins and Professor Snape (otherwise known as my family)
  2. Jockey (my dog)
  3. The pink guitar signed by Nancy Wilson of Heart
  4. The photo of me and the Wilson sisters
  5. The signed tennis ball given to me by Ivan Lendl
  6. The letter my father wrote me in 1988 that we didn’t find until after he died.
  7. My parents’ wedding rings
  8. The present my mother gave me for my college graduation.
  9. The books that I have written or contributed to.
  10. My Saint Mary-of-the-Woods ring, which was touched by Pope Benedict XVI.

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