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Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It: Dear Pope Francis by Pope Francis

Pope FrancisJesus once said “Suffer the little children who come unto me” and it is a directive that the Pope clearly takes to heart. Dear Pope Francis is, in my opinion, THE book of the religious season and makes a wonderful First Communion/Confirmation/Easter gift and good news…adults will like it too!

In this book, his Holiness, Pope Francis tackles the issues that are on the minds of 30 children throughout the world. Each child was asked to write a question and draw an accompanying picture (which are included.) They were collected by Fr. Antonio Spadaro S.J. (Director of La Civiltia Cattolica) and delivered to the Pope by hand in the Vatican. The pontiff told the editor that these children asked some very tough questions, but all of them are direct and to the point. Some are about Jesus, some about Catholicism and some about the Pope himself. While in Philadelphia, Pope Francis referred to one of the questions included in the book when he talked about the kid who asked, “What was God doing before he created the world?” He said he had to think quickly and provide an answer that was truthful, easy-to-understand and satisfactory to a child who really wanted to know. (BTW, the answer is a good one!) The Pope also takes into consideration the drawings of the kids, which he wisely discerned are often the key to understanding the question. This said to me that Pope Francis is a learned man who really knows how to “read between the lines.” Seriously, could we have a better leader than him?

It’s not uncommon for the Pope to speak to children, but it’s always nice when it happens and I feel books like these help restore our child-like faith. As I watched the coverage of the Pope’s visit to the US last year, it was obvious how much he loved being around kids. Although he was on a bit of a whirlwind tour, he absolutely LIT UP when he got to visit a grade school, see the kids’ projects, and talk to young people about soccer. This is a great book for young and old alike and I highly encourage you to buy it. It will be a treasure for your library and the perfect way to celebrate the Easter Season.

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