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Fabulous Fridays: Happy August

My favorite month of the year has officially begun! I positively LOVE August. Although it tends to be blisteringly hot, school starts, and it is a painful reminder that summer is coming to an end, it is the only month of the year with no holiday in it other than my birthday making it an extra special month indeed!!

I got to thinking about people who were born in the month of August along with me and I discovered that there are a lot of famous faces who will celebrate this month alongside me. While some are Leos and others are Virgos, I can’t help feeling a kinship to a few of them. Here are a few of those who have upcoming Birthdays this month:

Martha Stewart    1. Martha Stewart 8/3: The diva of domesticity is (not surprisingly) a Leo. I read that she actually organized a Leo-themed birthday party one year and in a spur of the “fan girl” moment, I actually sent Ms. Stewart a birthday card. I received a lovely thank you note in return.


Gene    2. Gene Simmons 8/10: My buddy Gene will be celebrating his 65th birthday this year and I have to hand it to anyone who can still tour the way he does. Mazel Tov to you, my friend!


madonna300     3. Madonna 8/16: Somehow I am not surprised that the Material Girl and I share a birthday month and it is explains so much to know that she is a Leo. Although there are times I like her and times I hate her…she was a game changer in the music world.


Robert Plant    4. Robert Plant 8/20: Yes, the Golden God and I share a birth month and I have to admit, I get a little thrill in knowing this. I will never be as good of a singer as he is. I highly doubt I will ever see Led Zeppelin in concert (outside of a DVD) so at least I have this one little thing in common with him.


Michael Jackson    5. Michael Jackson (Deceased) 8/29: Sorry, I ordinarily do not commemorate the birthdays of dead people (that strikes me as a bit counter productive) but in this case, I am only too happy to share a birthday month with the most famous Hoosier of them all.


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