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October 2016 column Michiana House & Home Magazine: Wide Awake in Dreamland

sleepwalking        Everyone has his or her own unique was of dealing with stress. Some people are emotional eaters. Some go for a long run or walk while others swear by the concept of “retail therapy,” but I am a bit unconventional…I sleepwalk.

I’m not really sure when my nighttime jaunts began, but I know I didn’t do it as a child. That was my brother’s department. I vividly remember the night in which he padded down the hall and wandered into the kitchen in order to throw his pillow in the trashcan. On another occasion, he removed the drawers from his dresser and stacked them on his desk in a configuration that can only be described as “modern art.” There was also the time that he got up at 1 a.m. thinking it was time to deliver his afternoon paper route. He nearly made it out the back door before my dad caught him and put him back to bed.

When I sleepwalk, it’s just as scary. I am incapable of navigating the layout of my own home. I see people who aren’t there. I try to unlock doors that don’t exist and in my most recent escapade, I stood over my son’s bed and stared down as him as though he were lying in a casket.

“If your planning to audition for the next Paranormal Activity movie, I think you’ll get the part,” he told me the following morning.

“What are you talking about?” I asked him.

Evidently, I got out of bed to visit the bathroom, but for reasons unknown, I chose his facilities rather than my own. This required me to jump over the dog gate at my bedroom door. According to Boy Wonder, when I finished my business, I didn’t go back to bed but rather, took a tour of the entire second floor of my house. I went into my office and sat in my chair for a while. I wandered across the hall to the spare bedroom and for a grand finale; I entered his bedroom and spun around before paying my respects at his supine body.

“Seriously, I don’t know how you did any of that in the dark without killing yourself in the process.” He said as he concluded his tale. “It was really impressive. Frightening, but impressive.”

While I would love to tell you that the story has been wildly exaggerated for dramatic purposes, I know he’s telling the truth. I have a vague memory of needing to use the bathroom and then being in his room…I’m just glad I didn’t confuse the latter with the former. That would not have ended well.

“Oh no, you made it into the bathroom just fine,” he assured me. “As for everything else, I don’t know what you were doing. You just kept saying you were looking for something.”

“Did I tell you what I was looking for?” I asked.

“Yeah…you said you needed to find a pillow.”

I should have checked the trashcan.

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Fabulous Fridays: #52Lists Project

52lists    This week’s list asks: What will your life look like in 10 years?

In 10 years, I will be the same that my father was when he died, so I guess the first thing I hope my life looks like in 10 years is that I will still be here in 11 years! I also hope that my house is paid off and that I am able to relax a little about day-to-day finances. I am about 1/2 way to my goal of having the house paid for, which is a plus so I think 10 years sounds like a reasonable goal.

I hope that in 10 years time, both of my sons will be on their own, happy, healthy and starting families with the women they love. I am guessing that in 10 years time, at least one version of Julie Young Offspring 2.0 will be here (also known as grandchildren) and I hope that I am able to be a huge part of that individual’s life.

I hope I am able to travel more and work a “little” less, write more book, and feel secure that I am still making a serious financial contribution around here. I would also like to have earned or be on my way toward earning my Ph.D. in English or Creative Writing. (My first choice school for that is Notre Dame.)

It’s really hard to imagine what 10 years will bring, especially when you think about how much everything has changed in the past 10 years…but I guess those are good goals for now.

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Fabulous Fridays #52ListsProject

Hey All!

I have decided to be part of this #52listproject for 2016 and I have decided to share my lists with all of you! I usually never get overly personal on my blog, but what the heck? It’s a new year so why not go for it and give you the inside track to my mind? (You may be sorry you entered! LOL) So here is the first list for winter: List all of your goals and dreams for the new year:

  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Study for the GRE test
  • Take the GRE test
  • Keep up with the housekeeping more regularly
  • Begin project that will serve as an outline for my new book.
  • Donate items on a monthly basis to the food pantry
  • Save money
  • Make regular donations to the NJTL
  • Eat healthier
  • Eat out no more than once a week
  • Write new history book with Vincent

Take action: What is the first step toward achieving your biggest goal?

I like to think of all of my goals as important, but I have been exercising, cooking dinner rather than going out and have been studying for the GRE test. I also bought items for the food pantry while I was at the grocery store. So…I’m well on my way! Feel free to make your own list and share it with me!

Until next time, keep rockin’


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