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Fabulous Fridays: #52lists project

This week we are asked to list all of the things we would like to make: 52lists

I am really pretty creative but I create as a go so…it’s hard to make a list of things I want to do. Still, I’ll give it a go:

  • A Cross stitch of Main Street USA at Walt Disney World
  • A cross stitch of the buildings at Epcot
  • The 15 foot Doctor Who scarf for Vincent
  • To finish my wedding scrap book (I’ve only been married for 2 years so what’s the hurry
  • To make a good grade on the GRE test so I can apply for doctoral programs
  • Make clothes for Sara’s emily doll
  • Finish my basement
  • Finish my closet
  • To make a retractable clothes line
  • to install a screen on the porch
  • To create a good landscape

Take action: Start one new project this week and set a time to complete it.

Hmmm….I am working on the first one as we speak but in order to start a second one…I’m going to go with the closet and I’m going to give myself until October (so that I can save the money for the project as well as complete it.

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Fabulous Fridays #52lists project

Once again, I’m tardy with this and for that I apologize. This weeks list is to list the things that make your spirit52lists feel free:

  • Singing
  • Playing guitar
  • Playing tennis
  • Creating anything
  • Writing
  • Walking in nature
  • Being by water

In order to take action, the author asks us to Turn one of your easiest freedoms-enhancing activities into a weekly routine. You deserve a little magic and lightness this year.

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Fabulous Fridays: #52Lists Project

Today’s list is all about the people you want to be like. I’ll refrain from judging you if you refrain from judging me about who made the cut for me! LOL OK, here we go:52lists

  • Ann Wilson
  • Gene Simmons (The man is a brilliant businessman)
  • Judy Blume (In my opinion one of the best authors ever!)
  • JK Rowling (I love the fact that she kept her common sense in the face of writing such an amazing story!)
  • Martha Stewart
  • My grandmother
  • My former religion teacher who has more faith than I will EVER have.

I know it seems like a short list, but in so many of these categories, I have never thought about this stuff before. The authors ask us to take action this week by finding the person you most want to emulate in your own life and try to be more like them.

Who do you admire? Feel free to comment below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Fabulous Fridays #52Lists Project

This week’s list asks us to jot down the things that motivate us. So…here are mine (In no particular order): 52lists

  • Money
  • Good ideas
  • Vincent
  • Chris
  • Mortality
  • Habit
  • Hunger (But not literal hunger)
  • What the scale says (this only applies to dietary issues)
  • Running
  • Getting a lot done in one day.

Take Action: Practice turning one of your motivators into a daily habit that will push you to take action and make your accomplishments happen. (Looks like I already do that!)

What made your list? Let me know!

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Fabulous Fridays #52Lists Projects

I apologize for not posting these in a timely fashion. I am hoping to do a little better but I have been swamped with some other work and personal things that have been going on. List 16 asks us to “List our Essentials.” I’m not totally sure what qualifies as an “essential” but I am assuming that it is something you can’t live without. Taking out the obvious essentials such as food, water, air, etc…Here are mine:

  • Books
  • Pen and paper
  • Computer
  • The Internet (substituting for TV and my DVDS LOL)
  • My “lucky” Van Halen shirt
  • Tennis racket
  • Can of tennis balls

I would have thought my list would have been a lot longer, but that’s what I could come up with. What’s on yours?

Until next time,


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Fabulous Fridays: #52Lists Project

This week, we are asked to list our dream trips. I have to admit, I have never really thought about this before. My parents didn’t do much traveling, so I have never thought much about this, but if there were places I would like to see before I die, I guess they would be:

  1. Disney World (Of course I’ve been there but who wouldn’t want to go back?)
  2. Prince Edward Island (The land of Anne of Green Gables)
  3. Ireland
  4. London
  5. Washington D.C.
  6. The Grand Canyon
  7. Any national park (because I have never been to one.)
  8. Mt. Rushmore

I’m sure there are others, but those are the ones I can think of for now. The book says in order to take action, that we should implement the type of things we like to do on vacation in our every day lives. By their nature, vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but any vacation I have taken feels more like work (especially number 1.) I guess I could start taking in some state parks and taking the opportunity to travel more than I do.

Where would you go? Let me know below or contact me through

twitter: @Julieyoung14

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Fabulous Fridays: #52Lists Project

This week’s list: List the ways in which you can cleanse your life for Spring.

This one is kind of hard. I’m a pretty “clean” person anyway and I have already conducted my “spring cleaning” for the year in a literal sense, but I have been thinking lately about how I can make my world run a little more smoothly so here is what I have come up with:

  1. Get myself on a proper schedule. (i.e. wake up at the same time, go to bed at the same time, eat dinner at the same time, etc…)
  2. Eat healthier
  3. Exercise properly
  4. Make better lists so that things actually get accomplished and I feel a sense of accomplishment
  5. Get rid of things that I don’t need
  6. Clean the basement (That one is a biggie. It’s a little scary down there! LOL)
  7. Make a point to take time away from technology and spend a little time in silence.
  8. Connect with the natural world a bit more and not be as harried.

What made your list? Feel free to comment below and if you want to connect with me on social media, I can be reached at:


Twitter: Julieyoung14



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