Fabulous Fridays: #52Lists Project

This week’s list: List the ways in which you can cleanse your life for Spring.

This one is kind of hard. I’m a pretty “clean” person anyway and I have already conducted my “spring cleaning” for the year in a literal sense, but I have been thinking lately about how I can make my world run a little more smoothly so here is what I have come up with:

  1. Get myself on a proper schedule. (i.e. wake up at the same time, go to bed at the same time, eat dinner at the same time, etc…)
  2. Eat healthier
  3. Exercise properly
  4. Make better lists so that things actually get accomplished and I feel a sense of accomplishment
  5. Get rid of things that I don’t need
  6. Clean the basement (That one is a biggie. It’s a little scary down there! LOL)
  7. Make a point to take time away from technology and spend a little time in silence.
  8. Connect with the natural world a bit more and not be as harried.

What made your list? Feel free to comment below and if you want to connect with me on social media, I can be reached at:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/authorjulieyoung

Twitter: Julieyoung14




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