Fabulous Fridays: #52Lists Project

This week’s list asks us to jot down the ways in which we can rejuvenate our space. 52lists

  1. Find something that makes you smile and put it in a prominent place.
  2. Make something that gibes you pride and satisfaction.
  3. Frame a favorite photo
  4. Open a window (fresh air always smells great)
  5. Plant something.
  6. Sweep a floor (you won’t believe the difference that it makes.)
  7. Play music
  8. Air freshener (may seem obvious, but for some people it’s not)
  9. New placemats (brightens any table)
  10. Bake Cookies.

Tip of the week: Pick one thing you can do this week and notice how your space and your mood changes!) Be sure to let me know what you did!


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