Fabulous Fridays #52Lists Project

So sorry for being remiss about posting my weekly list. I have been making them, but I had some personal things to 52listsattend to and have not been able to post the way I would like to. Week Seven’s list is to List all of the people who brighten your day. In no particular order my list includes:

  1. Professor Snape (Also known as my husband)
  2. Xan (or Julie Young offspring prototype #1)
  3. Gleek (or Julie Young offspring prototype #2)
  4. Sarah
  5. Sara
  6. Georgia W.
  7. Gerogia D.
  8. Bill M.
  9. Canida P.
  10. Robi C.
  11. Julie R.
  12. Julie K.
  13. Sherri H.
  14. Sherri W.E.
  15. G.
  16. Andy M.
  17. Brian S.
  18. Cheryl S.
  19. Chryl E.
  20. Lauren L.
  21. Dominic N.

In order to take action with this list, we are told to write a sweet note or do something thoughtful for one or some ofthese people on the list who make our lives easier, lighter and happier. I have already started this with my Compliment of the Day feature on my Facebook page…on a fairly regular basis, I tell people something I like about them. I have been told that everyone really appreciates them so I will keep doing that. Spread positive thoughts, not negative energy!

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