Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It: It’s Your World by Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea    Note: This review is based on the book and the author only and is not designed to be an endorsement or detraction of anyone connected with the 2016 Presidential race.

Once upon a time, there was a book about the various ways kids could get involved and improve the world around them. Like a lot of kids, Chelsea Clinton read it and was inspired to due her part. As the daughter of an Arkansas Governor and ultimately United States President, Chelsea was in the extraordinary position to actually travel the globe and see the various issues affecting our world today and be able to share those experiences with the next generation. The book is full of unique initiatives, facts, and personal anecdotes, but it is best read by an older teen as it is not what I would consider “light reading.”

Don’t misunderstand, I absolutely applaud Ms. Clinton’s efforts and think it is a well-written volume, but it could have used more white space instead of a direct narrative, more tables, and less explanation. When I was reading chapter two for over three days, I think it’s safe to call it “too much information” and there were times that what I read saddened me so much, I had to put the book down. It’s not that I have a problem with reality and do not feel that it should be highlighted, but it’s hard to feel like you can do something when you are too bummed about it.

Personally, I would have liked to have seen Chelsea use a lot of the new e-book technology to blend text with video and other interactive options that would have kept a reader engaged better than a huge volume of words. I think readers would have been a bit more mesmerized by it, it would have been a book that could have easily been updated and would be one that I think many teachers could have adapted and incorporated into their classroom curriculum. It was a great effort, but is really only for the diehard teen humanitarians. Stick with the original book Chelsea herself read and bag it.


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