Downton Abbey- A Celebration by Jessica Follows

downton        This is the next volume in the companion series of books that go along with the hit PBS television series. One thing I like about these is how every time Follows brings one of these books out, they manage to hit upon something not covered in the others. It would be only too easy for each of these books to seem frighteningly familiar but they aren’t. The last volume I reviewed, for example, covered the various social gatherings the cast and characters take part in throughout the year while this “celebration” focuses primarily on the locations of the series. When one spends $30 on a book, you don’t want a rehashing of something you have read before, you want something new and Follows gives it.

This book does contain several spoilers about Series 6 which, at the time of this blog is only three weeks into broadcast, but I can say that the things they tell only made me want to watch the episodes more rather than feel like I found out too much information beforehand.

If you have a Downton fan in your life, this book makes a great gift. Don’t rule this one out for Valentine’s Day and a lot of bookstores are offering it for 20% off. Buy it!


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