1950’s Housewife by Sheila Hardy

1950's housewife        Who doesn’t love the 50s? We have all watched Happy Days, Grease and other shows and movies that depict the 1950s as the perfectly idyllic time. But was it? In this book Sheila Hardy takes us on a journey through post-war Great Britain and how the 1950s housewife got along. While I find this book very interesting, I was disappointed to learn how it focused on life across the pond and not in the US. Of course to play fair, I never think of the 50’s happening anywhere else!

While I think there are a lot of similarities between England and America in this book, there are some obvious differences as well. For example, the US was not recovering from a major war at the time and the conversion to post war production meant that US households had more access to up and coming modern convenience while GB still had to make do with a lot. That being said, this book offers some interesting insight into the time period: dating rituals, weddings, housekeeping and more. It truly is a look at the full lifestyle that is admired by many. Buy it but only if you are a history buff.



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