Tingle Tuesday ASMR in Pop Culture

Happy New Year Tingleheads! I have decided to start making Tingle Tuesday a monthly feature on my blog so that I can hopefully keep up with it a little better throughout the year. I hope you all enjoy the new information and insight I bring to you in 2016 and you continue to remain part of the ASMR community.

For January, I wanted to talk a little about ASMR in pop culture. While we all know that ASMR is not new, how many of us have heard it referred to in movies, TV shows, books, etc…? Naturally, it may not be called ASMR, but you may be surprised to learn that it is brought up from time to time.

RTB            I binge watch any number of TV shows and old movies and one day while watching a Hallmark movie called “Riding the Bus With My Sister” there is a scene in which the girl playing Andie MacDowell’s character as a child runs her fingers up and down the forearm of her mentally challenged sister. The girl is laughing because the gesture tickles her but later in the movie, Andie and Rosie O’Donnell (who plays the adult version of the MR sister) are lying together on a bed and Andy asks Rosie if she wants her to tickle her. Rosie agrees and Andie begins running her fingers up and down Rosie’s forearm as Rosie says, “It tingles!”

My ears perked up immediately because I knew what she had to mean. (This also makes me wonder if Rosie O’Donnell experiences ASMR as well.) However that movie came out long before any media attention was given to the phenomenon so I thought that was pretty neat.

Brandon            The second example occurred on a show even older and may surprise readers when I tell you that it was Beverly Hills 90210. (The original one) Brandon is interested in a massage therapist who works part time at the Peach Pit and when she asks him to let her give him a massage, he later reports that when she touched him, he had this feeling come all over him. I believe he also referred to it as tingles. I thought it was so wild that the writers came up with that and put it in the show and considering that was in the early 1990s, I wonder how many other times the ASMR phenomenon has been described on television.

Have any of you heard ASMR-like descriptions in popular culture such as movies and TV? If so where…I am really curious to find out where all ASMR has been mentioned. Comment Below and I’ll talk to you all soon.








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