Buy It, Borrow It, or Bag It: Unveiling Grace by Lynn K. Wilder

Unveiling    I had no real reason to want to read this book…until I had the opportunity to tour a Mormon Temple prior to its dedication. For the record, I pride myself of being open minded where religion is concerned. I was a huge fan of Donny and Marie back in the day and they were the first people I knew of to be part of the LDS organization. They seemed pretty normal so I have never had a problem with the Mormon religion…then again, I only know enough about it to be dangerous- or to get it horribly wrong.

To play fair, the Mormon Temple was a beautiful building and I learned a few things about the religion while I was there…there were also things that I knew were somewhat glazed over and presented in such a way to unite rather than divide. While this did not bother me, it caused me to want to know more so I looked up Lynn Wilder’s book about how she and her family joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and ultimately left the religion for something a little more traditional.

When I started the book, I really liked it. I felt that it was full of information, tied a few loose ends together, explained why Mormons seem to be so into genealogy, etc…but then it kind of fell apart. While I’m not knocking anyone, I couldn’t help wondering if this family did ANYTHING other than read the Bible, or other scripture and talk about it. I kept feeling like I wanted to hear them say they went to the movies, ate dinner at McDonalds or something “normal,” but even as this family began to question their beliefs and leave the LDS church, all they do is talk theology. I’m sure that’s not the case, but that’s the way it read so I preferred the first half to the second.

I must say that reading this book did not cause me to conclude anything about the LDS church. I suspect that somewhere between what I heard on the tour and what Wilder said lies the truth. Being Catholic, I am sure that truth is something I probably wouldn’t agree with but if the beliefs of the Mormon Church give people comfort and help them get closer to God, who am I to judge? I read for personal information only…not to make generalizations about an entire religion. Borrow it if you have a penchant for religion and desire to read about the mysteries of the LDS faith.


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