Grace Makes it Great and Grace and Sylvie by Mary Casanova

Grace     This week, I’m reviewing two books that are part of the American Girl of the Year series. As I stated in an earlier post, I am actually very pleased with 2015 GOTY. Grace is young lady who likes to bake. When her Aunt is put on bed rest pending the delivery of her baby, Grace and her mother travel to Paris, France to take care of the aunt and help out in the family bakery. Upon her return, Grace convinces her friends that they should start their own business and despite several early snags, La Petite Patisserie is born and becomes a big success.

The three entrepreneurs all find their niche in the business and with a little help from their parents and Grace’s grandparents (who also own their own bakery) establish themselves, but run into problems in Grace Makes It Great when they discover that in order to make their business “real” they need to pour a lot of money into licensing and find a commercial kitchen to work out of. Grandma and Grandpa come through for them, but unfortunately just as Grace’s business takes off their own bakery has fallen on tough times and they are looking to sell. Will this spell the end of two businesses instead of one? Or will an ingenious plan reinvent the bakery and take Grace’s vision even farther?

This is what I like about this particular GOTY: the message is, if you have a good idea, your age doesn’t matter. If you have people who believe in you, you really can do anything! So often we hear, “when you’re old enough you can change the world” but I say you can change the world no matter how old or young you are! These books carry a really positive message and I think younger readers will get a lot out of them.

GraceAndSylvieRecipeForFamily    Grace and Sylvie is a shorter e-book that I picked up on ibooks for $.99 and it tells the original Grace story from Sylvie’s perspective which is really neat because imagine someone coming to live with you who cannot speak French and you can’t speak English. She’s gregarious and you are shy…will you ever get along? Again…a great book with a great message and on top of it, some new French words for readers to learn.

Buy them for your young reader. You won’t be sorry!



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