Buy It, Borrow It, or Bag It: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis the untold story by Barbara Leaming

Jackie O    Like I mentioned last week, I am on a bit of a Kennedy kick and this week is no exception. I promise….I won’t fill your entire summer with books about the Kennedy clan, but I have promised that this blog will be full of whatever I am currently reading so…there ya go.

The first thing I have to say about this book is thank goodness I DIDN’T buy it, because for the life of me, I don’t know what was so “untold” about it. I felt like I was reading a rehashing of five other books I have read about Jackie and I don’t know what made this one any different than the others except for the fact that it was condensed. the jacket had promised talk about her depression, how she often talked of suicide and other never-before-heard-information about the famous First Lady but you know, in the end none of this salacious material struck me as overly unheard of. In fact, the book even claims that Jackie gave an interview to Life magazine in which she described Kennedy’s assassination in minute detail as a cathartic way to get out of her system what happened. What makes that so special? What makes that a sign of depression? Don’t get me wrong, if you see your husband get his brain blown out, I am fairly confident you will be a little bummed in the days, weeks, months and years that follow. But everyone knows that talking about it helps so what makes her actions so unique?

I highly doubt that Jackie Kennedy ever intended to kill herself. Now, I didn’t know the woman personally or anything, but it seems to me that when death touches someone to whom you were close and someone you didn’t expect to die, it brings up the question of mortality and people say things like “death would be welcome.” You don’t want to go on, you can’t imagine going on and in the case of grisly way in which JFK died, I am sure she never wanted to think about that moment again, meaning death would be a welcome reprieve. I understand those feelings. My parents are both dead and I have certainly said over the years that I would give anything to see them again, to be with them, to not have to live my life without them, but that doesn’t mean I want to kill myself either. I don’t like the way that Jackie was portrayed as being suicidal and if that was the part of the book that was untold…maybe it should have stayed that way.

Bag It.


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