Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It: Have Courage, Be Kind the Tale of Cinderella

CinderellaSeveral months ago, I read an amusing post on Facebook which said in part: “If men buy drinks for women in bars, why can’t they buy books for women in a bookstore?” I always thought that would be the most original pick-up line in history and when my husband said “I’d like to buy you a book,” how could I choose anything but a fairy tale? LOL

Brittany Candau’s volume based on the brand new movie is a TREAT! Seriously, I don’t say that often. First of all, this book FEELS good when you hold it (book nerds will totally get that statement.) It’s got a texture that is a cross between leather and velvet, the pages are thick and are filled with fun illustrations (though shots from the movie would have been even more delightful- but I’m not complaining.) The best part is the book READS like the movie, exact dialogue and everything! How often does that happen? (Answer: Never) I have read many novelized versions of movies thinking it will tide me over until the Blu-Ray or DVD comes out, but they are always such a disappointment. They have to invent scenes that aren’t in the movie, try to hard with narrative that it’s not worth the time or effort. I guess since this movie is based on a story to begin with and they have to elaborate on the story because it is too short, the novelized version doesn’t have to deviate too much from the retelling (or something complicated like that.)

My point is, this book is fabulous and one that can be shared with a child, read by a teen who appreciates a great looking book and a timeless tale or an adult like me who reads just about anything that trips across her desk. Buy It, Buy It Buy It!!!


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