Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It: These Precious Few Days by Christopher Andersen

Jack and jackieLike any good history buff, or merely someone fascinated by the culture of celebrity that permeates our world, I have read a LOT of Kennedy biographies over the years. Sometimes I wonder how there can possibly BE anything left to say about that family. I also take a lot of what I read with a grain of salt. I have always believed that people with something to gain will sell their spin on the story no matter how true or untrue and when an author uses previously published material to create their own angle on the myth of Camelot, well…I have to wonder if we are really learning anything new at all or just getting the same information in a new presentation.

That being said, I enjoyed Christen Andersen’s look into the “love story” between Jack and Jackie Kennedy in These Precious Few Days. I had wanted to read it when it first came out, but it went to the bottom of my “to be read” pile simply because it was yet another book about the Kennedys. However, when I saw it on the bargain table at my local BN, I couldn’t pass up the price.

I’m glad I got it. It was a good story. It showcased how this legendary couple fit together and how complicated their relationship was. Jackie was nobody’s fool that’s for sure and like many, I admire her a lot for choosing the private path that she did throughout her life, answering for nothing, saying nothing and quietly enduring. Jack was a product of his time and of his father who was probably not the best role model for a man, but there is no question in my mind that he never would have left a woman so refined as Jackie. He wouldn’t have been that stupid. He knew the asset that she was. Like it or not I think we all choose our partners based in part on how they complement our lives. What they bring to the table that we lack. Jack and Jackie were no different, it was merely on a grander scale. If you are looking for a modern day, true life fairy tale with good guys, bad guys, and a tragic ending (no spoilers, but it’s safe to assume he won’t see 1964) Buy It. It’s only $5.95 in stores right now and at that price, you really can’t go wrong.


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