Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It: Grace, the American Girl of the Year

grace-cover           Most people know that I am a huge fan of the American Girl collection, especially the historical characters and the stories about their lives. Although I do read the Girl of the Year’s stories, they don’t always resonate with me.

This was the case with last year’s Isabelle. I found her whole dancer story trite, uninteresting and not in the spirit of what American Girl is supposed to be. It seemed like yet another tale of someone wanting something that was important to them with some bully kid standing in their way.

Thankfully 2014 is over and this year we have Grace Thomas. As the 2015 American Girl of the Year, Grace is a baker with an entrepreneurial spirit. Although I am not much of a cook, I loved everything about these stories. After deciding with her friends to start some kind of a business, Grace has to travel to France with her mother to help out in the family bakery which gives her the idea for her own bakery enterprise when she gets home.

However, not everything goes smoothly for Grace and even though you know that there will probably be a happily ever after, she gets pretty banged up along the way. She and her friends not only learn some hard lessons about business but also face personal challenges as well.

I highly recommend the first two books of Grace’s story (the third book comes out in May). It appears that American Girl is going back to their roots and I am excited to see where they will take the Girl of the Year next!



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