Buy It, Borrow It, or Bag It: There Was a Little Girl by Brooke Shields

Brooke    To be perfectly honest with my readers, I had no intention of buying or reading this book. While I appreciate the scope of Brook Shields’ career as well as her first marriage to Andre Agassi, I am not what you would call a “fan.” Due to the nature of some of her early films, I was not allowed to watch them and I could never quite figure out if she was supposed to be a kid pretending to be a grown up or a grown up trying to be a kid.

However, while strolling through Target one day, I saw the words “Autographed Copy” on the title and said “Oh, now that’s a good idea!” and bought it. I am so glad that I did! Brook’s exploration of her career as well as life with her quintessential stage mother Terri is an impressive and even-handed. For years, I had heard about their relationship and how much Terri had pushed her. I had seen the pair interviewed on Donahue and didn’t know what to make of their situation and I had seen the tabloid headlines in which Brooke fired her mother, which seemed akin to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. (Something you just don’t do!)

But reading this book, I learned that, like with most things in life, nothing is as it seems…especially when you are a young woman trying to make it in a business where sex sells and at a young age you are meant to exude that sensuality to the point that I seriously question the motives of those pulling all of the strings behind the scenes. To Terri’s credit, she was there the whole time and Brooke came out of the whole experience surprisingly unscathed. It could have gone another way. On top of that, but reading this book, I realized how bright Brooke is. Sure, I knew that she went to Princeton, but now I look at her life and career and think, “Wow…she was smart enough to get into PRINCETON.” I have a great deal of respect for education, and even more so for an actress/model who managed to attain an Ivy League degree even if it meant giving up the spotlight for a while. I really gained a lot of appreciation for Brooke and if I had the chance to meet/interview her…I would love to!

Reading this book, I realized that I gave Brooke Shields a short shrift when I was younger and I applaud all that she has done with her life. I champion her coming to terms with her mother’s addiction as well as her declining health and I understand the complicated relationship between performer and stage parent…one that will always be misunderstood no matter how hard everyone tries to clear the air. Definitely worth the read. Borrow It!


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