Buy It, Borrow It, or Bag It: Live Original By Sadie Robertson

Sadie    If the Duggar girls are not your thing and you want a Christian perspective on teenage living, then consider this title by the latest author from the Duck Dynasty clan. (She also was the runner up in this past season of Dancing With the Stars.)

I only borrowed Sadie’s book from the library and only after the kid kind of stole my heart on the dance floor. (She was surprisingly good.) I don’t know if their publisher does a good job of hooking the Robertson’s up with a good ghost writer or what, but I am always impressed by what they have to say. Now, I am not hugely fond of books that pepper each paragraph with a scripture verse, but I also respect that teens are getting advice from a young person who isn’t afraid to talk about her convictions and share those beliefs with others.

In this book, Sadie talks about a lot of issues that affect young girls today. She talks about her family, her faith and her values but instead of coming off as preachy, it is more like a friend talking to you. You will find out that life in the spotlight is not always easy. She talks about how she knows some people do not agree with the Robertson’s lifestyle and yet she handles it in such a way that I found myself constantly wondering “How old is this kid?”

One thing that I really liked in this book is the discussion of the mission trips that she has taken over the years. I know of a lot of kids who have taken trips such as these or who have performed a lot of service work and it is nice to read about someone who, even though she is semi-famous, she is just a normal kid who does the same thing everyone else does and that it isn’t something she has only done since becoming a celebrity, but something that is part of the very fabric of her family’s life.
If you are a mother of a daughter, and if you are a person of faith, this book offers an age appropriate mentor who can act as a “friend” you the young lady in your life. Great gift idea!


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