Idiot’s Guides: Catholicism

From my co-author on The Idiot’s Guide to Catholicism

Cafe St. Isidore

On today, the Twelfth Day of Christmas, celebrated as Epiphany in many places, I am thrilled to announce the publication of my first book: Idiot’s Guides: Catholicism. Co-authored with Julie Young, a local Catholic writer here in Indianapolis and author of one of the major biographies of St. Theodora Guerin, this book is the latest in the Idiot’s Guides series and a complete re-write from previous versions in the series. You can purchase the book beginning today for your Kindle here, or order a paper copy through Amazon here; and copies will be appearing in bookstores nationwide in the coming days.

IG Catholicism CoverHere’s a teaser from the back cover of the book: “Billions of people all over the world identify as Catholics, but for those who aren’t of this faith or have been away from it, its rites, rituals, prayers, and saints can be confusing. This helpful guide…

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