Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It: The Seventh Mother By Sherri Woods Emmons

Sherri     Confession time: Sherri is a dear friend of mind with whom I do a lot of signings. Come to think of it, we sell a LOT of each others’ books! LOL She is a terrific writer and I love her work. Of course like any honest friend, I know that I can tell her if a story didn’t resonate as well with me as another one and that my saying this is no reflection on her writing. She also knows that if I rave about it…then I am not kidding and nine times out of ten, I can’t shut up about it.

This was the case with The Seventh Mother. Like a good friend, I bought a copy and put it in my “to be read” pile. However, on one particular day I sat outside and began reading…and COULD NOT STOP. I wish I could tell you why, but this book is COMPELLING. You will literally find yourself saying, “Nothing is happening, how can I be so into this? Why can’t I put it down.” (I’m not kidding.)

The Seventh Mother is told from two perspectives, one of a young girl who is the daughter of a single father and used to women coming and going out of her life. They stay for a while and then…they are gone. The father works from place to place and there is nothing “permanent” about her life. (We all know kids like this.) And the other portion of the book is told from a young woman who is the latest in this long-line of mother figures who genuinely likes this man and loves his daughter enough to move in with them, transfer to a new place and begin to build a “real” life.

However…readers immediately sense that something is wrong here somewhere. Sherri’s incredible writing style sends out vibes that will have your hair standing on end and won’t know why. (At one point I literally said, “Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s just a nice little tale…but another part of me said “nope…keep reading.”) Needless to say, I got nothing accomplished that particular day and when I was finally finished with the text, I was spent. I don’t mind telling you that this psychological thriller/women’s fiction/relationship novel is the BEST of Sherri’s writing because I left a part of myself in the story. I shot her a quick message and said, “THIS one needs to be made into a movie!” (BTW, I never say that.)

Like I said, we are friends, but Sherri knows me well enough to know I would not tell everyone I saw to read this book unless I was that sold on it. It’s not my style. I told her that I was so jealous of her ability and she said “Julie, you’re pretty amazing too, ya know!” But hey, she loves me and is a good friend. LOL

If you liked Gone Girl or love Maeve Binchey, you will LOVE Sherri and the Seventh Mother. If you are looking for a new writer to check out, look no further. Sherri’s it. BUY THIS BOOK. You won’t regret it.


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