Tingle Tuesday: An Interview with CuteBunny992

cutebunnyI am so excited to bring you a brief interview with none other than Marianne (aka Cutebunny992.) After a recent  post in which I welcomed her back too the ASMR community, she contacted me to thank me for my kind words. Needless to say, I was unbelievably excited and I was quick to ask if she would consider participating in an interview. She agreed and  now, I bring you the transcript of that conversation. Be sure to check her YouTube channel out at:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8HznQu5C61kSH3Q770nRxg

J: How are you doing? Does it feel good to be back as an ASMRtist?

M:I feel so happy and excited the past month since I returned. It feels like I am home, as I love doing ASMR videos.

J: Are you still in school or have you graduated (I believe you were in school for education, correct?) 

M:Yes I am still at school and this year will be my final year of studying to be a teacher.

J: What caused you to want to come back to the ASMR community as an ASMRtist?

M:I never left. I was here every single day but as a viewer. I always loved ASMR videos, so they have been always an integral part of my busy everyday life. One day, I came upon an blog post, by a blogger called Matt Phil Carver. This blog post was about my ‘sad’ story as a youtuber, who got hacked and was a victim of hatred in the ASMR community. So, I sent him an email saying thank you for your article about me. One thing led to another, and through him, I exchanged some emails with Ilse and Emma (WhispersRedASMR). I started talking to Emma more and more (she was so nice and kind to me) and our discussions led me to think of coming back. And so one afternoon, I said to myself: how amazing I was feeling when I was creating ASMR videos, and I want this feeling back into my life. And a few minutes later, I rushed to the shops and bought myself a camera. And this is how everything started.

J: How has the community changed since you’ve been away?

M:It has changed so much. When I was present, ASMR was at its’ beginning stage, where all content creators where trying new things to see what works and what doesn’t. Back then, the focus was mostly on whispering and sounds. Nowadays, it is all about the role-plays, which for me work the best, and the quality of everything has reached a professional level. It is amazing also, how many people watch ASMR nowadays and many ASMRtists are there. It is unbelievable to see how ASMR has developed from a ‘weird side of Youtube’ to an internet phenomenon.

J: What has been your fans’ reaction since your return?

Amazingly positive. I got so many comments and messages of people saying how happy they are of my return and how I helped them, even if I was not here. I never thought I would get this overwelming warm response and how many people actually remembered me and didn’t forget me. it is a very fulfilling feeling for my ‘lil’ me.

J: What do you think about the fact that there is a new ASMR book coming out in 2015? 

M:I believe a book just confirms the massive development of ASMR popularity to our world. I strongly believe that people would be so interested in learning how everything started, the first steps, the developing stages and more. I personally cannot wait to get this book to my hands.

J: What videos are you eager to try now that you are back?

M: I really want to do another version of my ‘Cranial Nerve Examination’. Although there so many versions of this particular roleplay far better than mine, as the ‘mother’ of this idea I feel the urge to do it again with a better camera quality and sound. Apart from that, I will try to stay classical with my choices. People should not expect anything fancy, extravagant or out-of-this-world roleplays from my channel, as I tend to support proximity, closeness and connection in my content. So, simple, sweet and hopefully effective roleplays are my priority. And Greek speaking videos as well!

J: I know you are on PayPal and your channel does have ads included at the beginning, but do you plan on setting up a Patreon account in order to give your “super fans” some exclusive material?

M: I have thought of getting a Patreon page but I would first ask people how they feel about it on my Facebook page before creating it. If I see a positive response then, yes.

J: Do you worry about your channel getting hacked again? (By the way, the person who hacked you in the first place- was this someone you knew in the real world, or a stranger online? I always wondered about that.)

M:I am actually terrified of losing my channel again. This is why I try to be more careful now, with extra security measures and always being alert when talking to people.
The person who destroyed my channel was an online stranger to me. He was just a lonely pathetic person who had a lot of time to spare.

J: What advice would you give other new ASMRtists about protecting themselves and their channels from what you have experienced?

M: I am not the best person to give advice on this matter 😛 . A small advice I can give though, is never trust anyone on the internet. Do not share any info of your personal life or where you live, etc. And the one thing to be careful of, which was my BIG mistake: Do not open any links people send you!


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