Tingle Tuesday: Welcome Back CuteBunny992

Marianne    Her story was the most mysterious section of the ASMR manuscript: a short cautionary tale about the dangers of having a popular YouTube channel and what can happen when one is not hyper vigilant about protecting themselves. It concerned a young, Greek woman by the name of Marianne, but to tingle heads everywhere she was known as CuteBunny992.

Like many ASMR experiencers, I had seen CuteBunny’s videos and the girl was a natural. She didn’t use a lot of bells and whistles and yet, her content was flawless. But then she disappeared. It later came out that her channel and social media pages had been hacked and instead of her quaint ASMR videos, the channel now boasted less than flattering content that made the young co-ed and early childhood education major look bad.

After a harrowing few days, CuteBunny’s channel was returned to her, but after one video she was gone again and it looked as though we may never see her again. While Ilse and I were writing the book, a man reached out to Ilse with an e-mail he received from someone claiming to be CuteBunny992. Ilse followed up on the e-mail and although I would have LOVED to have had some comments from Marianne, at the time it was impossible to gauge wether or not it was truly her. (I know she probably understands why, as a writer, I had to err on the side of caution.) I wrote what I knew to be her basic tale and to my surprise and delight…I learned just after turning in the final manuscript that the writer probably was Marianne and that she was ready to return to the ASMR community as a content creator. (Needless to say, we updated that chapter immediately.)

It is so good to have Marianne back, not only for the amazing content, but also to know that she is doing well in life, is happy and is regaining her confidence to step back into the limelight. So far she has only published a few things on the all-new CuteBunny992 m channel…but if you have yet to experience this amazing ASMRtist, I encourage you to do so…trust me, you tingles will thank you for it!



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2 responses to “Tingle Tuesday: Welcome Back CuteBunny992

  1. Marianne

    Hi. This is Marianne. Thank you so much for this post. If you need to know anything please do not hesitate to contact me.

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