Tingle Tuesday: Talking to Ilse

Ilse     I just got off the phone with Ilse…yes, THE Ilse…the ASMR community’s very own Waterwhispers Ilse. We started talking a little before 4 p.m. and four hours later, I finally hung up. I understand that during the period of time in between, several wars were declared, peace was brokered elsewhere, the Dow rose and fell a few points and my child had to (gasp) make his own dinner…

However, if I were being perfectly honest, I probably could have talked to her all night.

Anytime I tell someone that I have spoken with Ilse, I am always asked the same questions: What is she like? Did she put you to sleep? Does her speaking voice give you the tingles? So I thought I would talk a little bit about what it like to collaborate and talk to one of the leading ASMRtists on the Web.

First of all, Ilse is a wonderful, charming, delightful woman who I jokingly refer to as my Netherlands-born, Canadian twin who just happens to be fifteen years younger than me! The first time we talked and told each other bits and pieces of our stories, there were so many connections, it wasn’t even funny. This always makes for an awesome collaboration experience and I hope that the book we are putting together will be as special to the world as it is to us.

Ilse and I share a lot of the same values about what we do and why we do it. Though she makes videos and I write, I know that our partnership would not work half as well if we approached our work differently. We know that it is important for us to bring awareness to the ASMR community, to reach out to others, and to help those who want to learn more. We believe that it is important to learn more about how ASMR presents itself in society, how its methodologies can be used outside of the YouTube world and how to take the phenomenon to the next level. (Trust me when I say that we talked about a couple of things last night that will take her career to the next level, and while I can’t tell you what they are now…all will be revealed in time!)

No, Ilse does not “put me to sleep” on the phone.  Her voice sounds like her videos…just louder so it doesn’t have the same effect. (Actually, for reasons unknown her voice reminds me of Celine Dion’s.) Though, if I were being perfectly honest, when she said, “Oh wait, let me look that up for you…” I was taken back to the many times I have heard her say that in her videos. It was a lot like life imitating art. LOL

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Ilse’s candor when we talk and trusting me enough to open up and talk about things that probably seem nosey and invasive. Although many of these ASMRtists are pretty open with their viewers, isle also knows that I have to ask some tough questions that will not always yield in “pretty” answers. If I am examining this world from all angles, then there is no way around it. I have to go there. I can’t tell you how much it means to know that she does not take offense to the questions, is willing to answer honestly,  trusts me with this information and knows that I will use it appropriately.

She has also taught me…no…REMINDED me how important it is to serve as a cheerleader to everyone else who is in the same business as you. She is the second person in the past few weeks who have given me a lesson in this (the other being Tennis legend Serena Williams.) Sometimes it is hard not to listen to the voices in your head that demand you compete or tell you you aren’t as good as so-and-so or to offer that encouragement and support to someone else when you are feeling down on yourself, but Ilse says that if the community does not remain supportive and caring then it defeats its own mission and that is to help others.

ummm-hmmmm (If you watch a lot of Ilse’s videos, you totally get what I just did there!)

We are so lucky to have someone like Ilse in the ASMR community!

Until next week then, Tingle On!




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