Tingle Tuesday: ASMR Book is Green Lighted

I am pleased to announce that I have heard from the publisher and the Complete Idiot’s Guide to ASMR has been green lighted for publication. I am so excited! I will be super busy over the next couple of months hammering out the manuscript and talking to ASMR experiencers, researchers and content creators who will share their knowledge of this under-studied area of physiology. My co-author on the project will be Ilse Blansert, aka the Water Whispers Ilse and I have already spoken to a number of people including Dr. Craig Richard who has been doing some preliminary research and plans to do some major studies on this subject in the near future.

So, consider this the call out…I want to hear from people who have experienced this phenomenon or anyone who has studied this, talked to their doctor about it, etc…this is your chance to be part of the first major book on this phenomenon. Don’t miss out!

Feel free to comment on this post and I will keep you up to date on the progress of the book. Next week I will give you an update on the chapters and pose a few questions for you to consider. In the meantime:

1. If you experience ASMR, are you the only one in your immediate family who does, or do your siblings/parents share the tingles?

2. Who is your favorite ASMRtist? Who would you like to see interviewed in the book?

Until next week, keep rockin’ those tingles!




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2 responses to “Tingle Tuesday: ASMR Book is Green Lighted

  1. ZinSu

    Cool, good luck with the book. Looking forward to learning more about this phenomenon, which I have experienced since I was little but only recently learned is “a thing.”

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