Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It: The Women of Duck Commander

The women of duck commander      As I was waiting for Jase’s book to come out, I read the Women of Duck Commander and appreciated the candor in which these women spoke about the bearded brothers and the opinionated father who was suspended form A&E for commends he made in a GQ interview. While you may agree or disagree with Roberston’s statements as they were reported, rest assured the man does not shy away from an opinion one thing I learned by reading the womens’ stories is that those opinions sometimes affect them.
When Lisa Roberston (wife of oldest brother Alan) had an affair, Phil told Alan not to reconcile with her. Though he is a man who preaches loving everyone and forgiving everyone, he didn’t want his son hurt again. I get that…and Lisa did as well, but the story illustrates that no one is spared from Phil’s opinion when he decides to say what it is. We also hear Miss Kay talk about the dark years with Phil and after hearing about his difficulties and redemption, I just can’t hate the guy…he replaced an addiction to drugs and alcohol with one of religion. It seems to be working for him and if it kept the family together, what’s so bad about that?
This is the type of book that will only appeal to fans of the show and honestly, I read it because it was a quick read and something I could read a few pages of and put down before going to bed at night (I was working on a manuscript of my own at the time.) It somewhat rehashes what you already know so I would say Borrow It if you are a fan.


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