Fabulous Fridays- things I want to see on Reality TV

I’m not a reality TV kind of girl. Oh I admit there have been some shows I have watched, if I am tuning in, it is because I know the show isn’t purporting to be “real” or because sadly…there is no way around these shows anymore.

In honor of the most awful genre to ever come out of television, here are the scenarios I would LIKE to see happen on Reality TV

Big_Brother_8_Cast     5. For the Big Brother house to be filled with celebrities. BB has never been the same for me since Evel Dick Donato took the house by storm several years ago, but I would welcome a celebrity edition of the show, provided that we had some real A-listers and not a bunch of people to make us go “who?”

celebrity-apprentice-300x182     4. For Celebrity Apprentice to be peppered with real people. This could be an interesting way for celebrities to mentor others and do some good for charity at the same time. Not only that, but I would love to see a regular person clean house and come out on top. They may not win $1 million for an organization, but I bet it would net them a serious career boost.

Toddlers     3. For an “ordinary” kid to win Grand Supreme on Toddlers and Tiaras. Don’t get me wrong…I don’t have a “problem” with beauty pageants. I’d have to care enough to have an opinion either way, but what kills me about this show is that these kids end up looking an awful lot alike! It’s a bit creepy. Personally, I would love to see a fresh faced kid show up at one of these glitz pageants wearing an age appropriate dress and take the whole thing because the judges find it “refreshing.” I’m telling you…this is the kind of thing that could start a whole trend.

Robertson     2. For one of Phil Robertson’s grandkids to come out of the closet. Look, inspire of all of the Duck Dynasty hullabaloo I genuinely like the show and applaud the Robertson’s for being who they are. It’s refreshing to see a family pray before dinner on TV, to act like they are on a sitcom and to be unapologetically conservative. I’m not saying that I share in their beliefs, but they seem like interesting people (and Phil played ball with TERRY BRADSHAW!!!) Still, I can’t help wondering what Phil would do if one of his grandson’s, perhaps a football playing, gun toting grandson came out to him. Would he “hate the sin and love the sinner?” Would he say nothing? Would have have a complete about face…could make for a ratings boost!

jackson     1. For Jackson Duggar to go rogue. I love the Duggars. God love ’em! This amazing Arkansas family cracks me up, not only with there family planning system but also for the fact that they don’t allow themselves to get tripped up on trick questions. Once I heard their producer ask Michelle what she would say to the President if she could. Now, I suspect these are not Obama people, but Michelle diplomatically said that she would tell the family that they are in her prayers. Wonderful response. HOWEVER…I am banking on Jackson to go turncoat on the group. That kid has a contrary streak in him and I think it would be hilarious if he suddenly cut his hair into a mohawk and wore ripped jeans (Hey, we can’t get too crazy, he is a Duggar after all!) I would totally tune in for that.


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