Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It- Behind the Scenes of Downton Abbey

behind-the-scenes-of-downton-abbey-UK     This is the most recent companion piece to the famed BBC series that looks at the making of Downton Abbey both at Highclere Castle and on the studio lot. While not a must have for the bookshelf, if you are an uber fan of the show, you will probably enjoy it. I did. I liked hearing about the building of the sets, how they created things to scale, what it takes to work around priceless antiques, etc…

Like the other DA companion books, it retails for $29.99 so I encourage people who are interested to hold out for a coupon, use their Amazon points or buy it from Half Price Books. The photos are great. The text is fun, but again…not a must read. I can’t help wondering if with the publication of the Behind the Scenes book and now the full scripts of the show, they aren’t going a little overboard. Sometimes too much of a good thing is problematic for a show.

I bought it, but you may opt to borrow it, or bag it.


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