Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It- Chronicles of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey    Yes, I admit it… I am a Downton Abbey fan. It’s not really surprising considering that I have been wacky about the Edwardian era every since I read Danielle Steele’s “No Greater Love” which centered on the sinking of the Titanic and how a group of orphaned American Edwardian children cope after the disaster that took their parents’ lives. Not quite the same thing as Downton to be sure, but it explains why I watch it. In an effort to gear up for last night’s Season 4 premier, I re-watched Season 3 (and Seasons 1-2) and read through the new companion book by Jessica Fellows & Matthew Sturgis.

I really liked it, but it’s not for everyone. I liked the fact that the actors playing the roles offer their “vision” for who these characters are and that the text offers and in depth look at the psychology of the character now that three seasons have gone by and that they have been developed in such a way that there is a more established backstory for many of them. The book includes a look into Shirley McClain’s role as the American grandmother attending Lady Mary’s Wedding. (a bit of brilliant casting if you ask me!) and I was excited to read Maggie Smith’s take on the Dowager Countess. If you bought the previous companion piece from Seasons1-2 and promise this is a new book and not merely a rehash of the other one. If you do not have the first, you won’t feel as though you have missed anything.

Buy it if you are a fan of the show…but use a coupon or pick it up at a second hand store as it’s price is a whopping $29.99.


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