Fabulous Fridays: Favorite Junie B. Jones Books

In honor of one of my favorite characters and the passing of a beloved author, here are  five of my favorite Junie B. Jones stories:

graduation girl    5.   Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl:  (From Amazon)Junie B. Jones and all of Room 9 are getting ready to graduate from kindergarten! Their teacher–known to our heroine as “Mrs.”–distributes their fresh white caps and gowns (“Cats and gowns, cats and gowns!” Junie hollers), and makes her students promise to keep them in their boxes until the big day. But Junie B., being Junie B., is sure that just one peek on the way home won’t soil her gown. And then she must show off to her stuffed animals with a lot of whirling and skipping, which of course makes her thirsty. But guess what? “Grape juice can go wrong.”

dumb bunny    4. Junie B. Jones Dumb Bunny: ( From Amazon) In the 27th Junie B. Jones book, Lucille is having an Easter Egg Hunt at her rich expensive mansion! And guess what? The winner gets a play date to swim in Lucille’s heated indoor swimming pool! Only, here is the problem. How did Junie B. get stuck wearing a big dumb bunny suit? And how can she possibly find eggs when she keeps tripping over her huge big rabbit feet? Being a dumb bunny is definitely not as easy as it looks. Will Junie B. end up with egg on her face? Or will the day deliver some very uneggspected results?

partyanimal       3. Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal: (From Amazon) In the 10th Junie B. Jones book, Lucille is having a sleepover party—at her richie nanna’s big giant house! Grace and Junie B. can’t wait to see all the rich stuff in that place. Sleeping over at the nanna’s is sure to be a dream come true! ‘Cause what could possibly go wrong?

aloha-ha-ha     2. Junie B. Jones Aloha-ha-ha.  (From Amazon) It’s a week in “Pair-o-Dice!”  In the 26th Junie B. Jones book, Junie B. and her family are going on a vacation to Hawaii! And ha! Mr. Scary is giving Junie a real, actual camera to keep a photo journal of her trip! But taking good vacation pictures is not always easy. ’Cause what if there is an unfortunate inner tube incident at the swimming pool? (And, oh my! Let’s not even mention what happens if a tropical bird gets tangled in your hair!) Will Junie B.’s vacation end up picture perfect? Or will her trip to Hawaii be aloha-horrible?

peep    1.      Junie B. Jones has a Peep in Her Pocket: (From Amazon) Junie B. Jones is mortally afraid of ponies. An imprudent babysitter once allowed her to watch a cable TV show called When Ponies Attack, so a trip to a farm seems like the ultimate in reckless endangerment. Never mind the roosters, which, according to her classmate, Meanie Jim, can peck your head to a nub. It takes some pretty fast talking by Junie’s parents, teacher, and the farmer himself to get Junie to participate in the field trip, where she has a surprisingly good time. Until she bonds with Peep, a fluffy little chick, only to discover, to her horror, that Peep’s destiny is to become a rooster.


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