Fabulous Fridays: My favorite Super Heroes

Who is the best Super Hero of them all? This is an argument that goes around and around in my family more than it should (Clearly we have nothing else to talk about, but I digress) so I thought that in honor of that FABULOUS 3-hour PBS special I watched the other night, I would offer a list of my Top Five Super Heroes and the reasons I love them.

wonder-twins1     Honorable Mention: The Wonder Twins. From a sentimental standpoint, the Wonder Twins will ALWAYS be Number One in my heart, I couldn’t justify skewing the list on a family nickname. Back in 1993, my son and I were christened “the Wonder Twins” during a play and the name stuck. A few years later, my youngest was born and we quickly bestowed the nickname “Gleek” on him in honor of the Twins’ space monkey sidekick. Today we have a few WT figurines, the Superfriends DVDs and we even made a special trip to the Hall of Heroes Super Hero Museum to take our “official” WT photo in front of the Hall of Justice facade.


Capt. America   Number 5. Captain America. Ordinarily, I am not much of a Marvel girl, but I can’t help loving Cap’s backstory and that fact that he is so out-of-date that he’s awesome! He was the first Avenger. Gotta love him.


Thor    Number 4. Thor. He’s a long, blond-haired guy with a hammer and he’s a god. Do I really need to explain this or is this enough to justify his place on my list? Again, he’s from the Marvel universe…but I am a sucker for the super hero who looks like every hair band guy from the 1980’s. I also like the Thor subplot in the Adventures in Babysitting movie and totally thought the actor playing Thor/Dawson was wayyyy good looking at the time. (Not sure what that says about my taste back then!)

Batman-Wallpaper-Pictures    Number 3. Batman. He’s a classic choice and a typical pick for a girl who tends to be attracted to emotionally unavailable guys with peculiar hobbies. I heard that most women would have loved to date Batman, and perhaps that’s true for some…but if I were in the Batman world…I think I would like to be the Mr. Fox type…they guy who knows all of the secret, gets to work closely to the Caped Crusader and yet can tell him off if he thinks he’s doing the wrong thing.

wonder-woman    Number 2. Wonder Woman. Don’t judge me, I stand by my choice! Not only was Wonder Woman the original female super hero, she kicked butt and has stood the test of time. She also has the ability to make men tell the truth, which is a super power most women envy. Seriously…Wonder Woman rocks, but her peculiar backstory makes it nearly impossible to bring her effectively to the big screen.


 superman1      Number 1. Superman. Gotta go with the Big Blue Boy Scout on this one…Kal-El was the hero who started it all and whose moral code of ethics can never be questioned. He will always do the right thing. He will always fight for truth, justice and the American way. He will always stand for what is good in the world and he FLIES!!! The  Judeo-Chrisian influences in his origin story are pretty epic and he really provides the best mythology for the art form. He is simply the best.


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