Buy It, Borrow It, or Bag It- Killing Jesus By Bill O’Reilly

Killing Jesus     I tried. I really did, but sometimes…maybe there are some subjects that are best left alone. Especially if that subject is none other than the most influential person to have ever lived and whose backstory is less “biographical” and more “biblical.”

Killing Jesus is an attempt to look into the historical life of Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified around the age of 33 under the Roman governor Pontius Pilate. Most of what is known about the Jewish carpenter is contained in four books of the New Testament known as the gospels and for the most part, everyone agrees that there are holes in the story that can only be filled by speculation and contextual clues that can be found in historical documents and archeological artifacts of the time period. However, none of the historical documents and archeological clues will conclusively prove (or disprove) who Jesus was and who was ultimately responsible for his downfall. It’s an impossible task and no matter how you approach the story, there will be members of the audience who can and will shoot down any “conspiracy” theory with the theological get-out-of-jail-free-card: “It was God’s will.”

I really wanted to like this book but it was a tedious read made even more difficult by the inclusion of footnotes sometimes longer than the text on the page. I do appreciate that O’Reilly and his co-author Martin Dugard qualify their work by admitting that as devout Catholics, they are well aware of their limitations, but there is so much conjecture and narrative speculation that I lost interest rather quickly. Bag It.


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