Buy It, Borrow It, or Bag It: Rafa by Rafael Nadal

rafa-autobiography    I hate to pan a book written by one of my favorite tennis players, but I really had a LOT of mixed feelings about this book. In the beginning, I really liked it…he talked about the amazing 2008 Wimbledon win against Roger Federer which went down in history as one of the best matches in Wimbledon history, but very quickly I realized that the match served as the foundation for the book and “autobiography” was worked in around the play-by-play commentary. Every other chapter has some color context provided by his collaborator which got on my nerves in pretty short order.

Don’t miss understand, there were a lot of things that I liked about the book and I learned things that I didn’t know before, but I wanted less emphasis on one game, less emphasis on sport, and more insight into the man. Perhaps that is problematic when the “man” is still just a young guy in his 20’s who lacks the advantage of reflection before penning the story of his life. I am currently reading Jimmy Connors autobiography and there are marked differences that I think largely have to do with age and introspection.

Rafa remains one of my favorite players and seems like a stellar guy, but as for his foray into writing, I have to say Bag It.


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