Buy It, Borrow It, or Bag It- The Wilder Life By Wendy McClure

Little House        I’d been wanting to read this book for a while now and due to a happy coincidence, I was finally able to. I wasn’t sure exactly what I might find between the pages, but what I ended up with was a cathartic look into my childhood and an epiphany about how some elements of my life all fit together (even if I never realized it before.)

This book is for anyone who either grew up reading the “Little House” books or who (like me) was obsessed with the TV show. (I learned that there is a great deal of division between the “book” people and the “TV” people…just sayin’) It’s not that I didn’t read the books as well, but it paled in comparison to seeing it come to life every Monday on NBC. The author, who is more of a “book” person, went on quite a journey to “find” Laura Ingalls Wilder, not only visiting many of the locations affiliated with the stories, but attempting to make many of the recipes and life “The Wilder Life.” She makes connections between the generation that dreamed of “being Laura” and our obsession with the American Girl series (Whose first character was, not surprisingly, a pioneer girl) and how even one of the more recent historic characters (Julie) is a fan of the Wilder books…it’s all symbiotic how the generations are connected through this nine-volume series that has become a beloved classic.

The book is not a look into the sociology of literary obsession, but a very humorous and loving tribute to a literary character that so many admire. I highly recommend this book to anyone who watched the series or loved the books…you will find yourself saying, “Me too!!!!”

Buy It if you are a LHOTP fan and share with your friends!


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  1. Have you seen any of the “Caroline Years” books? There is an entire series on her life, as well as her mother’s!

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