Fabulous Fridays-What I did over summer vacation

Most people have a favorite year in their lives…mine was 1986. I graduated from the eighth grade. I was 13. I went to my first rock concert by myself (and a few friends…but no parents, making it a totally awesome experience.) I fell “in love” for the first time, got mono and had an incredible summer trying to find loopholes in my convalescence program.

However, 2013 blew 1986 right out of the water. Somehow I knew it would. The number 13 has always been magical for me so if the summer I was 13 was special…surely any summer with the number 13 would be even more so, right? Even though it seemed shorter as far as summers go, I can’t believe the incredible things I was able to pack in. So today class, I am going to use my Fabulous Fridays post to talk about “What I did over Summer Vacation!”

book cover 2   1. My sixth book was published. Only a few more and I will be neck and neck with JK Rowling! This book was truly a wonderful labor of love for me and I have been amazed by how well received it has been. I have the best readers, friends, fans and family in the world and I couldn’t do any of this without you!


cat4    2. I held a baby tiger. Seriously! How cool is that? While on a day trip for a story that appeared in Indianapolis Senior Life, I was able to get into a tiger hutch and hold a baby tiger. No, the mama was no where near me and this is not something the average guest gets to do, but if you have never been to the Exotic Feline Rescue Place near Brazil, it is definitely worth checking out!

heart crop 2    3. I met Ann and Nancy Wilson and saw their Heartbreaker tour with Jason Bonham. How ironic is it that the people featured in the afore mentioned concert above would be the same people I would see nearly 20 years later? Even more amazing, they sound just as good if not better. Meeting my idols was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience (or twice in a lifetime considering I had met Nancy once before) but it was a moment I will never forget. The 30 minute Led Zeppelin encore was amazing and Ann’s rendition of “Stairway” brought me to tears!

Venus        4. I saw the best of the best in the world of tennis at the Western & Southern Open. I have not seen professional tennis since the days of the Indianapolis Clay Courts and this year I decided that for my birthday, I would do something that my father and I would have enjoyed together, were he still alive. In one day I saw Victoria Azarenka, Sloan Stephens, Roger Federer, David Ferrer, Venus Williams, Maria Sharapova and the legendary Jimmy Connors.

Doctor Who    5. WHO is that? Well that, is Peter Davison…aka the “Fifth Doctor” in the famed BBC series Doctor Who. When The Boy Who Lived found out that a “doctor” was coming to town he was quick to mention it to his Whovian little brother  who went wacky for a trip to the west side to meet the man who not only played Doctor Who but is also the real life father-in-law of 10th Doctor David Tenant.

It’s going to take a while to top this sumer, and I am not sure I would really want to try. Some things like 1986 can’t be recreated or duplicated…but every once in a while a lucky number comes through for you and you have a summer you’ll never forget!


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  1. Yeah, Julie, I think that qualifies a a pretty awesome summer. Congrats!

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