Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It: Things I can’t forget by Miranda Kenneally

Things-I-Cant-Forget-cover1   I was hooked on this story from the first line: “Girls like me do not buy pregnancy tests” and while the rest of the story has merit I found it a bit touch and go at times. The story concerns a well-brought up christian girl who takes a job at a christian summer camp and finds out that her fellow counselors are not as “christian” as she thought they would be. On top of that, the protagonist is carrying with her a big secret. A secret in which she helped a friend commit a mortal sin. (Which if you have read the first sentence of my post…you will probably be able to piece all of this together.) Throw in the mix a guy who she had a crush on years ago when they were campers and now has developed even stronger feelings for, she can’t help wondering if she is really any different from the people she’s been judging all this time.

As I said…it’s good…but there are moments when I wonder about our central character. What rock has she been living under? If her crush’s actions go against her moral code, then why hang out with him? I am not ordinarily a huge fan of any book that has a lot of religious overtones, but I did like the personal quandary the girl faced and how she had to work through it, even though the ending somewhat disappointed me.

If you are a fan of christian YA fiction, then go for it, but I recommend Borrowing It rather than buying it.


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