Fabulous Fridays- Monday Edition: Five Reasons I enjoyed meeting Peter Davison

Yes, I know I am getting bad about this Fabulous-Fridays-post-on-Monday-thing, but it was a very crazy week and this was the first chance I had to get to it…at least I didn’t forget!

Doctor Who     So last Thursday, Boy Wonder and I had the opportunity to meet Peter Davison. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Mr. Davison played the Fifth Doctor in the wildly popular BBC series Doctor Who. This was a HUGE deal for my curly-haired friend who has a total man-crush on the show. He knows more about the character, plot lines and subtle nuances than anyone should, so when I learned that one of the actors was coming to town, I knew this would be an experience of a lifetime for the kid.

In the end-I was most impressed with the actor and even as a non-Whovian, I had a great time. Here are just a few reasons why I really enjoyed meeting Peter Davison:

1. He was Doctor Who. I may not be as familiar with the show as some people, but I know how legendary it is and am smart enough to be impressed by anyone who played the famous part.

2. He was funny and genuine. As I mentioned in a recent post, sometimes celebrities do not live up to the hype-but Peter was wonderful guy who kept me in stitches with his stories even though I am not overly familiar with the show. I loved his dry wit and found him to be a great guy!

3. He was super nice to my son. Everyone knows that if you win over the Kid, you win over the mom! When Boy Wonder handed him a 22-page Doctor Who story that he had written himself, Davison promised to “give it a read” and when Vincent asked for an extra (read: free) autograph, Davison said that because Boy Wonder signed something for him, he would do it. I LOVED the fact that he equated my son’s signature with his own and placed comparable value on it.

4. He granted me an interview. It’s always nice to be able to mix work and fun and when I realized that I would be able to interview such a legendary character…well, who wouldn’t like that? Thanks to Boy Wonder for helping me with the questions.

5. I learned that there is a warehouse on the west side of Indianapolis dedicated to Doctor Who. Somehow…I think this information is going to bite me in the rear end when it comes to a certain Boy Wonder’s birthday.


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