Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It: The Academy- Game On by Monica Seles

Game on    There aren’t a lot of books set around tennis and even fewer written by a tennis legend so when I saw Monica Seles’ first foray into fiction, I had to check it out. To play fair…it had it’s moments…but I can’t help feeling like I walked away confused after I finished the last chapter. Yes, I understand it is a the first of a series, but in theory-it would be nice if the story felt “over” or at least propelled me into the next book. Instead, I was slightly annoyed with a few of the characters, felt like Seles and her co-author threw in everything but the kitchen sink in an effort to appeal to the widest audience possible and ultimately felt that the tennis backdrop was a bit of a ruse to reel a reader in.

Here’s the premise: Maya is a tennis phenom from an average home who, after four years, gets a scholarship to a well known sports academy. She meets her roommate, a sexually confused girl names Cleo and finds herself being fought over by The Academy owner’s two sons. She is also playing alongside a heavily seded tennis player named Nicole who s one of her idols…and of course a Mean Girl who Maya can’t help but make a bad impression on. Will Maya be able to determine who is a genuine friend and who is out to destroy her in an effort to look out for number one?

I applaud Seles for her effort, and the book had its moments…but I would have to say Borrow It at best.


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