Fabulous Fridays Monday Edition: Five Fabulous People I met in Cincy

Once again I am late with my Fab Fridays post…but sometimes…the fabulous stuff doesn’t happen until the weekend! As many of you know, I am a tennis player and a BIG fan of the game (more so recently with Ivan Lendl returning to coach Andy Murray…but that’s a whole other story) so for the first time since I was 12, I traveled to a regional tournament to watch some of the biggest players in the world play the game. Here are a few of the fabulous people I met in Cincy and my impressions of them.

Vika    Victoria Azarenka: I am going to have to eat a LOT of crow and humble pie for this poor girl. “Vika” is known for being one of the loudest “Whoo Girls” on the court and listening to her is enough to drive me to distraction. However, she is Number 2 in the world and no one can deny her skills. She was the first player whose practice I watched and she was sitting right in front of me during her breaks. At one point I said something about this being a great way to celebrate a birthday and she turned to me and said “Happy Birthday.” She also took the time to play with the high school kids and she looked like she was having a LOT of fun on the court with them. While I still hate that noise, I have gained a LOT of appreciation for her as a player and as a person.

FedEx     Roger Federer: “FedEx” is hands down, one of the best ambassadors for the sport of Tennis. The term “class act” is often over used, but he is one to the fans and to fellow players. While I did not get an autograph from Roger while I was at the tourney…I did catch a little of his practice and heard so many amazing stories about how nice he is to everyone. I suspect his career may be heading toward its waning seasons, but this is one champ that will go down as one of the all-time best.


Venus     Venus Williams: Obviously an amazing player and a fairly nice person. She smiled at me a couple of times when I made comments such as “Way to go” etc…and she waved at me, but she wasn’t too generous about signing my tennis ball. (Maybe she only signs for the kids?) A lot of fans find the Williams sisters polarizing and there are those who think that Venus’ best days are behind her, but I am glad I got to see her in action at least once.


Jimmy      Jimmy Conners: There was a rather large crowd around Jimmy’s court in Cincy..though I don’t know if it was because of Jimmy or because of his player, World Number 3 Maria Sharapova. Maria is right up there with Vika in terms of the amount of noise she makes on the court but unlike Vika, I get the feeling she can turn it on and off which bugs me to no end. While it was neat to watch her practice, I can’t help thinking that she has taken a leaf out of Murray’s book by hiring a former great to be her coach…but to see Jimmy Conners again? That was a treat!! I couldn’t help noticing how many parents were pointing out Conners to their kids who had no idea who he was.

The WONDERFUL team of security personnel: When you need to find someone who you have misplaced, THESE are the people you count on. Not only did they know EXACTLY who was missing, they avoiding embarrassing that individual and were quick to bring him to the rendevous point. Two thumbs up for you Dessie!!!Wish I would have taken your pic!


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