Fabulous Fridays…OK It’s Monday, sue me

Hey All…

Yeah, I know…it’s not Friday. I screwed up. I had a lot going on and I didn’t get around to my post, BUT never fear…I’m here for you! As many of you know, I am headed to the Heart concert tomorrow night. The Wilson sisters are teaming up with Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience for what promises to be an evening of unforgettable music. (And probably the first time I have ever been excited about the opening act’s set in my life.) The finale is to be a 30-minute encore of Zep classics that include “The Battle of Evermore,” “The Rain Song,” “Kashmir” and a reprise of their Kennedy Center Honors performance of “Stairway.” To say that I am excited just doesn’t begin to do justice to what I am feeling. On top of all of that…I recently interviewed Ann Wilson about the show and have not only a media pass to the show, but also the VIP backstage pass that insures I will be face-to-face with both of my idols at last! (I am praying that I don’t pass out or wet myself in all the excitement.)

Be sure to check out my author page on Facebook throughout the day to hear some clips of my interview with Ann and in honor of the show (and to make up for my lack of Fab Friday post last week) here are my top 14 favorite Heart songs (one from each studio album…though there are a few ties…it was impossible for me to pick a Top 5 or 10 from a band I love THAT much!)

dreamboat annie    “Magic Man” (Dreamboat Annie) This is the song that started it all, and it’s easy to see why. Ann’s ode to Mike Fisher has more than stood the test of time and I think every woman knows what it is like to have a “magic man” in their lives.


 Little Queen    “Barracuda” (Little Queen) Stolen riff from Zeppelin’s “Achilles’ Last Stand” it is a classic song that everyone knows and for the most part loves.


 Magazine     “Without You” (Magazine) LOVED Heart’s cover of this one. Made me cry the first time I heard it and I had a hand written copy of the lyrics for years because I thought it was one of the most beautiful songs I’d ever heard.


album-dog-butterfly    “Dog and Butterfly”/”Mistral Wind” (Dog and Butterfly) Coming off mega hits like “Magic Man”, “Barracuda” and “Crazy on You” these are the songs that epitomize what Heart can do. Truly two of their best.


bebe le strange     “Sweet Darlin'” (Bebe Le Strange) Another one of Heart’s tunes that build and become more powerful as the song continues.


HEART_PA     “City’s Burning” (Private Audition) I have to be honest…there are only a few songs on this album that I really like, but the guitar work and angst-ridden lyrics of this one make it a standout on an otherwise not-so-great album.


passionworks     “Sleep Alone” (Passion Works) Though it came from a time period the band would probably like to forget, it’s hard not to appreciate the grooves in this tune and with lyrics such as “You love to relive the love that he gives, you love to recall the rush of it all…” you have a song anyone can relate to!


Heart_album_cover     “These Dreams”/”If Looks Could Kill” (Heart) If I could have put the whole album on this list, I would have. This was the album that hooked me on the band once and for all. It was also the first tour I saw of theirs. Very ’80s, but who cares…it ushered in a re-birth of Heart to a whole new group of fans!


Bad Animals     “Wait For An Answer” (Bad Animals) Again, there are a lot of songs I could have chosen from this album, but they pale in comparison to this five-octave number that requires the vocal warm-up of a Metropolitan Opera star before attempting. Trust me on this…it was the tune that led to my training as a vocalist and I specifically asked for opera exercises!

brigade     “Wild Child” (Brigade) While its obvious that the band was getting a little tired of the 80’s thing, this is a fairly solid album that produced a number of good songs…but this one is hands down, the best.


 desire walks on   “Black on Black” (Desire Walks On) Another hard rocking number that blew my mind. Saw this tour as well and had that chance to meet Howard Leese by the stage door. Ann came out and said goodnight…but stupid me was too tongue tied to ask for an autograph.


220px-Jupitersdarling     “The Perfect Goodbye” (Jupiter’s Darling) I really liked this kind of heavy ballad and was disappointed when it didn’t get more radio play. Loved seeing Ann and Wynona’s duet to this tune on the Crossroads show.


Red Velvet Car     “Wheels” (Red Velvet Car) Had the remnants of Barracuda tucked inside it and was a lot of fun to listen to on the road. Wished they would have played it when they appeared at my birthday party a couple of years ago.


Fanatic    “Million Miles” (Fanatic) Sadly, is not going to be on the set list tomorrow night…but it is a great tune!



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