Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It: The Tao of Martha by Jen Lancaster

tao_of_martha.indd     For EVERYONE who ever tried to make a dish using 12 ingredients you’ve never heard of, make a craft that costs more than buying a “real” present or who thought that throwing the biggest bash of the year would lead to insane happiness…THIS is the book for you. Yes…I too have had my “Martha” moments. I well remember the year my oldest son spend the holiday season laid up with chicken pox so all we had to DO around the house was decorate. (I still say it was one of our more festive years and kept the boredom at bay.) I recently examined Martha’s Encyclopedia of Fabric crafts and listened as my son’s girlfriend talked about how “neat” it would be to make some of the cute totes for eventual bridesmaids gifts….God love her, she is naive….I finally said “They are a great idea, but keep one thing in mind…when it comes to Martha, there is ALWAYS some component that is NEVER as easy as it looks.” (Sarah…love ya dearly, but trust me on this one…I’ve learned the Katie Brown shortcuts to the Martha Stewart crafts!)

Seriously, this is a rollicking good time that I highly recommend for everyone who has tried to be “practically” perfect and who has a husband/significant other determined to overcomplicate EVERY projects that comes along…(No offense there, Snape.) I laughed out loud as she described trying to battle the crowd at Michael’s while desperately needing the restroom facilities, her glittering anything that wasn’t nailed down, her ambition of creating the perfect Easter Egg…the list goes on and on. Trust me on this one…BUY IT!!!




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