Fabulous Fridays- Movies that rock

Some movies just make you want to rock! In celebration of summer…here are my list of flicks that kick butt and know how to crank it up to 11! Looking for nothing but a good time? Check these out.

Almost_famous_poster1Number 5: Almost Famous– Should have been higher on the list considering Nancy Wilson wrote the score and the screenplay was penned by Cameron Crowe, but I guess because I KNEW it was based on Crowe’s life as a rock journalist, I would have preferred a straight on biopic rather than a fictionalized account of a band that was obviously a conglomeration of Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd among others.


School of RockNumber 4: School of Rock- I have to hand it to Jack Black for his passion. A strange story line to be sure that borders on cheesy, but you can’t help it…it’s like you HAVE to like it if you appreciate rock music. (As someone with a master’s in education, I have no doubt I could have made the “rock band” project meet the majority of Indiana State Standards and I love the way Dewy breaks up the school day between theory, history and practical application.)

grease-poster Number 3: Grease- I can’t help it…I still love the soundtrack to this one and if it’s on TV…I typically will   stop and watch. Don’t judge me. It is because of this movie that I literally thought students regularly broke out in song during the school day. (Imagine my surprise when that wasn’t the case and I was the only idiot singing her heart out.)

Rock of Ages   Number 2: Rock of Ages- Welcome to the Sunset Strip in the 1980’s when bigger was always better, more was preferable to less and Hollywood was the place where all of your rock and roll dreams could come true. A motley assortment of newbies and veteran actors (including Tom Cruise, Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin) permeate this film that has a killer soundtrack sure to keep you bopping along. Be sure to keep your eyes open during “We Built This City” and you are sure to spot some real rock stars in the crowd.

Fast-Times-at-Ridgemont-High-poster  Number 1: Fast Times at Ridgemont High– “It’s awesome…totally awesome.” From start to finish this movie is truly a classic. Who didn’t want to have a pizza delivered to them in class ala Jeff Spicoli? Though the acting is a little stiff, it blows my mind that three  actors in this film would go on to win academy awards in later projects: Nicolas Cage, Sean Penn and Forrest Whittaker. Who knew? Throw in a screenplay by Cameron Crowe and a cameo by my BFF Nancy Wilson, and this is my hands-down favorite.


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