Buy It, Borrow It, or Bag It- Waking Up Married by Mira Lyn Kelly

It’s hard for me to tell anyone to “Buy” this title simply because it’s FREE, which should be reason  enough for everyone who likes romances to give it a try! While I often take issue with the men in  romance novels (because they are far more passionate than they EVER are in real life) I really liked  this story about a woman who wakes up married to a man she barely knows after a drunken night  in Vegas. While she is perfectly willing to seek an immediate annulment, she learns that her new  “spouse” is actually happy about the arrangement and is willing to help her have the baby she’s always dreamed of and a family that can never break up provided that they treat their new relationship as a business deal.

I also like the fact that I didn’t completely love or hate either of these characters. I hate it when someone seems too perfect or worse, when they seem too much like a jerk. Luckily Megan and Connor are both fallible and there are moments in this tale when I didn’t like either of them and when I found myself rooting for them all at the same time. I will say there were aspects of this Connor guy that bugged me because he seemed a little too controlling for my taste and could turn the charm on and off like a light switch. Still, both of these individuals have a lot in common and you will find yourself hoping that they will end up staying together in the end.

To my knowledge this is still free and absolutely worth the price. Want something fun to take on  Spring Break? Don’t pass this title by!


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