Buy It, Borrow it, or Bag It: The Sleepaway Girls by Jen Calonita

The Sleepaway Girls is a fun story of summer camp, summer love and summer friendships.  Lead character Sam is thrilled to go to camp and work as a CIT for the summer after her best  friend gets her first boyfriend and essentially dumps her for the new love of her life. Her mother  is somehow “dating” the camp owner and Sam quickly learns that many of the counselors on  site  have been at the camp most of their lives leaving her to wonder if a “newbie” can really fit in. There is also the issue of the token “hot” guy (who you just know is going to turn out to be a jerk), sweet cole who you are sure to be rooting for and a cast of fun characters young adult readers are sure to love.

I liked Sleepaway Girls because it had been a while since I read a “camp” book and I was anxious to delve into a story that talked about today’s issues as opposed to the ones I read as a pre-Internet, pre-cell phone era kid. There were places in which I thought the story thinned out, but I did like it a little more than The Secrets of My Hollywood Life (I found that story a little hard to keep track of on first read.) If you are looking for a book to read out on your deck or to take to the beach, swing by your library and pick up a copy of the Sleepaway Girls. Borrow It.


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