Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It- Schooled by Anisha Lakhani

Schooled is the madcap adventure of idealistic teacher Anna who scores a posh, but  underpaid position at one of Manhattan’s private grammar schools where the kids are under  pressure to attend the college of their dreams and the parents will do anything to help get them  there…including hiring a tutor to do all of the work for them. In this volume which reads like a  cross between The Nanny Diaries and Ivy League, after realizing that her salary doesn’t cover even the basics, Anna drinks the Kool-Aid and begins tutoring students in other private schools in order to supplement her income. The only problem is that she is expected to read the material, understand it and crank out A-level papers for her young charges.

I perversely enjoyed this book because I have no doubt that this type of thing goes on in some of the more elite academies. Private schools are well known for placating their more “supportive” families with easier work loads, turning their heads to obvious policy infractions and encouraging staff to “understand” the position that they are in.

I was terribly worried that like so many of these voyeuristic stories, I was worried that I would be dissatisfied with the ending, but I was surprisingly fine with it which gives me confidence to recommend it as a definite Buy It!



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