Buy It, Borrow It, or Bag It- Ruby Parker Hits the Small Time By Rowan Coleman

Though published a while back, I picked this book up for a song at Half Price Books in my effort to read a lot of different stories about teens who have lived the impossible dream. In this case, Ruby already has an enviable position as a recurring character on the British soap opera Kensington Heights but once she hits that awkward stage in puberty, she begins to wonder if her career is at a stand still. To make matters worse, her parents have been fighting a lot lately and before long they make the inevitable announcement that they are separating, giving Ruby one more thing to fret about.

However, it comes to pass that the soap is NOT getting rid of her, but rather giving her a makeover and planning a storyline that involves her and her co-star (read: secret crush) that will result in Ruby’s first kiss…It’s everything Ruby ever wanted, so why is she miserable? And why can she not stop thinking about this other guy at school?

This is the kind of book that I feel does appeal to a lot of pre-teens but is just slightly out of my interest range. It’s a sweet story that adheres to its audience but I would have liked a little more meat, I could have done with less of the divorce angle…but it begs the question, do stories about “almost famous” teens only work if the kids have the same kinds of problems as everyone else?

Borrow It…but only if you 14 and younger.


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