Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It- Pregnant Pause Han Nolan

While looking for another title, I found this happy surprise sitting on a display table  at  my local Barnes & Noble. This little paperback had me hooked in more ways than one.  The  size and font were unusual, the price ($7.99) was right and the first few sentences  really pulled me in:

       “OK I’m pregnant and so here’s what I’m worried about. What if my kid turns out to  be a mass murderer? You know, one of those ones who shoot half the school and then  shoots himself?”

       Han Nolan really hit the nail on the head with this un-glamorized look at teen pregnancy and the complicated relationships that go along with it. Eleanor Crowe is the kind of kid that can’t be pushed around and will often make her decisions based on how many people she can tick off in the bargain. However, after marrying her child’s father and moving to live in a shack owned by his parents, she learns life as a pregnant teen is not what she expected and as her delivery date nears she discovers that she has more questions than she has answers for and big decisions to make. One thing is certain though…she really hopes this child doesn’t turn out to be like her.

This book kept me riveted throughout its entire 36 chapters with more twists and turns than I ever dreamed possible. The voice was phenomenal and the ending was a complete shock to me.

Like a lot of readers, I have segued to buying many books through electronic outlets, but the affordable price of this paper back and its delightful size helped me feel good about buying a “real” book and while the library is a great place to pick this up if you just want to “borrow it” I recommend putting down the hard cold cash and BUY IT! You won’t be sorry.



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